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Micro Water Treatment Systems

Rain water, Grey water, Borehole water, Well water, Spring and other water source harvesting and treatment systems for your home or complex.

Water collection, retention, reuse are all ideal for water stressed markets. Capable of offgrid operation as well as municical integration where applicable.

With the increasing pressure being put on our water resources, many residential owners are installing closed loop water harvesting systems to ensure constant supply and prepare for Municipal cutoffs. Afrisoul is able to specify the design of the system to your residential environment and operational capacity needed.

The Afrisoul team includes a network of International architectural specialists, engineers, developers, researchers, and other professionals housed in The Global Water Center to analyse system data and create advanced solutions that solve clients' sustainability needs and requirements.

We keep you safe with real-time telemetry water quality measurement, system operations monitoring, and automated operation solutions that are in place to ensure the continuous operation.of your system 24/7. Add a renewable energy system, and you are set for generations!

Contact us for your custom closed loop solution.

Micro Water Treatment Systems


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