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What's Your Plan B?

20 December 2017

What's your Plan B?

From Cape Town ETC today: "The City’s Director of Water and Sanitation, Peter Flower said, “If water consumption continues to rise, together with the very hot windy conditions which increase evaporation losses, we can expect Day Zero to happen as soon as 18 March 2018. This is a terrifying prospect. Residential customers remain the largest portion of water users. If we can bring consumption down to 500-million litres per day, we will be able to avoid Day Zero.”"

Global Life Systems is mobilizing with Smart Waters and other international groups, to provide South Africa with the various industrial and micro sized water treatment systems that allow a building or industrial plant to create a plumbing loop, and have immediate impact on the water crisis.

Full wastewater to potable water treatment for emergency capabilities.

We treat your water better than anyone else.

For the full Cape Town Water Crisis